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Photos from our house, the backyard and the close proximity.

In the Creuse in the Limousin in France you feel the tranquility and silence of the countryside. But you also hear the noises that are part of the countryside: lowing of cows, bleating of sheep, singing, whistling and screaming of birds (of prey) and the sound of agricultural vehicles cutting the grass and making bales of hay.

The photos down below are just a few of the many photos we have from our house, the garden, and the environment. Photos taken in different seasons, because the Creuse does not only has its charms in the summer, but also in the spring, autumn and winter.

In the spring you can enjoy the fruit trees as they spring into life once more. In the summer you can enjoy the beautiful green landscape and the nice weather. In the autumn the leaves on the trees are having different beautiful colors, it is a feast for the eye. And the autumn is the saison during which mushrooms are to be picked in the woods. Finally in the winter there are magnificent views over the beautiful hilly landscape. And with any luck, Jack Frost is coming over.

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