The Creuse in the Limousin in France

The Creuse in the Limousin in France is a green region with forests and meadows where you can walk, cycle, or make round trips by motor bike or car. And for those who like fishing, there are many lakes and rivers in the Limousin. The water is very clear. Beside fishes you can also spot otters if you look well.

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Creuse in the Limousin is the place to be. This region is not touristic yet and you can enjoy the tranquility, space and nature. After your holiday you will return home like a newborn!

Walking during your holiday in the Creuse

In the Creuse you can make very beautiful walks. There are short and long hiking trails, flat and hilly. Most of the hiking trails are well marked so that you cannot get lost. Of course you can choose your own hiking trail. In that case we recommand to take a detailed hiking map with you.

The Office for Tourism can provide you with information on the local walks. Beside the “normal” hiking trails there also are the “Grandes Randonnées”. Other outings by foot in the Creuse:

One of the hiking trails that is going to Santiago de Compostela in Spain is crossing the Creuse/Limousin. The pilgrims on foot pass Bénévent l’Abbaye, a pilgrimage in the neighbourhood of our bed and breakfast Dans la Creuse. When you are in Bénévent l’Abbaye and you are searching for a place to spend the night, you can contact us. We will pick you up for free in Bénévent l’Abbaye. The next morning, after breakfast, we will bring you back to Bénévent l’Abbaye where you can continue your trip. Pilgrims on foot or on bicycle, who can show their credential, will get a reduction on the price.

the creuse hiking boots

Cycling during your holiday

It is a pleasure to cycle in the Creuse where are a lot of quiet roads that are well-kept and where the nature is very beautiful. There is very little traffic. When you are cycling you can look out over the meadows, forests and lakes and you will pass little villages and hamlets.

The Limousin has very different landscapes, plains and hills. Something for everyone! And if you are looking for a place to spend the night, after a long trip by bike, you are welcome to our bed and breakfast. You can put your bicycle in a closed barn. We also welcome pilgrims who are going to Santiago de Compostela by bike. The bike trail goes from Bénévent l’Abbaye to Châtelus-le-Marcheix via Mourioux and is located at a distance of 300 metres from our house. We offer you a place to sleep but you can also have dinner (table d’hôtes) and breakfast with us. Pilgrims by bike can benefit from a price reduction, the same as pilgrims on foot.

Itinerary bike tour West Creuse

Down below you will find a description of a bike tour that passes our bed and breakfast at a distance of 300 metres.

Most of the tours are marked by signboards with bikes on it. It is called “Véloroute”.

The tour is going through the West of the Creuse on quiet, low-traffic roads.

You will pass a lot of attractions of this region. The end point is not the departure point. The coordinates are: 46.269, 1.495

Distance: 80 km

Level of difficulty: average

Time: 5 hours

Traffic signboards: Véloroute (signboards with bikes on it)

Eighty kilometres on roads with low traffic, from Crozant, the departure point, to Saint-Martin-Sainte-Catherine, La Souterraine, Le Grand-Bourg, Bénévent l’Abbaye and Châtelus-le-Marcheix, the end point.

Another famous bike trail is the Tour de Creuse. A bike ride of over 400 kilometers waymarked bikepaths. You are biking along small country lanes where you hardly meet anyone, through a beautiful and various landscape. In this way you discover very special places. For example: the painters valley in Crozant, the Lake Vassivière, Aubusson, the medieval cities Bourganeuf, La Souterraine and Bénévent l’Abbaye, the health resort Evaux-les-Bains and Chambon-sur-Voueize.

the creuse bicycle storage
the creuse fiets route

Making a tour by motorcycle or car during your holiday

The Limousin is the new promised land for motorcyclists. The roads are well-maintained, long, straight and quiet.

The Limousin tour

In total there are 6 Road Books that constitute the “Tour du Limousin” on motorcycle. A tour of more than 700 kilometres that starts and ends in Limoges. Of course you also can start and end in one of the other  sites of the tour. The tour crosses all 3 departments in the Limousin: Haute-Vienne, Corrèze and Creuse.

When you are on route you can enjoy the beauty of the different landscapes.

By motorcycle or car from Bénévent l’Abbaye to Limoges

The departure point Bénévent l’Abbaye is 4 kilometres from our house. If you spend the night with us, you can put your motorcycle in the closed barn or on our private parking.

It is a tour of 99 km. A tour to the South on never-ending winding roads. A real voyage of discovery on the boundery of the Haute-Vienne and the Creuse. On your way you can see windmills, rivers, lakes, castles and typical villages.

At your arrival in Limoges you can amuse yourself on 1 of the terraces in the centre of the city or eat in 1 of the restaurants in the famous “Quartier de la Boucherie”.

motor schuur
motor parkeerplaats

Fishing during your holiday in the Creuse

For those who like fishing during a holiday, the Creuse is a real paradise. In the Creuse are many creeks, rivers and lakes with different kind of fishes like brown trout, perch, grayling, tench, carp, pike, chub, roach and rudd.

One can practice different kind of fishing techniques: fly fishing, fishing with ultralight equipment, fishing with grasshoppers that are alive, fishing with minnows and so on.

All fishes are very tasty because the quality of the water is very good.

Places to fish in the Creuse

  • Marsac: a village 5 kilometres away from our house, you can fish for pike, carp, tench or roach.
  • Noth: (23 kilometres away) you can fish for pike, zander, carp and roach, also at night.
  • La Souterraine: (30 kilometres away) you can fish for pike, perch, trout and roach.
  • Le Grand Bourg (12 kilometres away) or Bourganeuf (19 kilometres away): for those who love to fish on trout.

And after a day of fishing you can relax and sleep in our bed and breakfast / chambres d’hôtes.

Before you can go fishing you need to buy a fishing permit

You can buy a fishing permit at the Office for Tourism, in a sport shop or in a tobacco shop.

On the next websites you can find more information about fishing (in the Creuse):  and